March 2007 through February 2008

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March 12, 2007- Speaker

Shelly Swanland

"Wearable Art" -   
You may check out more information on Shelley Swanland at www.shellysstudio.com

April 9, 2007-Speaker

Kimberly Wulfert

"Quizzing the Historian"-
More information on Kimberly Wulfert and her reproduction fabric collection can be found at www.antiquequiltdating.com

May 14, 2007-Program

Teachers of the Guild
"Meet the Teachers"

Patt Blair, Michele Braithwaite, Lyn Mann, and Rose Hughes. 
Rose Hughes website is Ravenspeak Quilts. 
Lyn Mann's website is Quilts by Lyn

June 11, 2007-Speaker

Sharyn Craig
"Organizing your Orphans"

Visit Sharyn's website at www.SharynCraig.com


July 9, 2007-Speakers

Earlene Fowler and Margarit Hall
"Telling Our Story with Fabric and Word"

To learn more about Earlene Fowler go to www.EarleneFowler.com

August 13, 2007 -Speaker

Cathy Van Bruggen
"All About Applique"

Check out Cathy’s website at www.cathyvb.com

September 10, 2007-Speaker

Laura Wasilowski
"I Quilt, Therefore I am"

More information can be found at her website at

October 8, 2007-Speaker

Melody Crust
"A Fine Line: Creating the Quilting Design"

For further information, check out her website at

November 12, 2007-Speaker

Mary Stori
"Viewed With a Smile
You can find more information on MaryStori at www.marystori.com

December 10, 2007-Program

Trunk show with quilt guild member.

January 14, 2008-Speaker

Norah McMeeking
"Bella Bella Quilts"

Find out more about Norah’s wonderful designs at www.bellabellaquilts.com.

February 11, 2008-Program

Kelly Rhoten – ORGANIZE ME!

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