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January 12, 2015-Speaker

Debbie Maddy - Traditional

Don't Miss: No Diamonds, No Y Seams: Old Quilts, New Methods  -- Come see Debbie Maddy explain her "New Ways with Traditional Pieced Design" a large trunk show of traditional pieced quilts made with simpler methods and no Y seams. Her workshop is a beautiful simplified traditional quilt.  Learn new ideas and that will give you the confidence to try these new techniques.

Debbie Maddy is a designer, teacher and founder of Calico Carriage Quilt Designs.

Debbie loves fabric, sewing—and quilters! Debbie designs patterns for quilts that are visually stunning but easy to make. Since 1993, she has also shared her enthusiasm for quilting with others teaching throughout the country. In 2013 she was a Nominee for Teacher of the Year by the International Association of Quilting Professionals.

Debbie Maddie

workshop information


February 9, 2015-Program

Little Red Hen Auction

Little Red Hen

The little red hen finds a kernel of grain and asks the other animals to help plant and tend to it. None of the other animals are willing to help her. After the grain is harvested and the little red hen asks who would like to eat the bread, all of the animals want to partake. However, the little red hen decides not to share her bread with those who were unwilling to help.....

Help our little red hen by donating UFO quilt tops and blocks to the auction. Or come to the meeting and purchase a project in progress or other item. One quilter's UFO is another's treasure.


No workshop

Change over Meeting


March 9, 2015- Speaker

Jacquie Gering – Modern – "Honoring Tradition"
You will be amazed by the quilts Jacquie makes with just straight lines. Jacquie comes to us from Chicago and is a Member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. Since discovering quilting only seven years ago, Jacquie has become a passionate quilt maker and designer. She is already known for her unique design style. Her work has been featured in both national and international publications, and at international quilt shows and quilt museums. She is the coauthor of "Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts".

J. Gerring
Building Bridges
J. Gering Quilt
Made by Jacquie
and Sheryl Schleicher

She blogs and shares her quilting knowledge on her blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio. She is also a contributing designer and author for Stitch, Modern Patchwork, Quilter's World and Quilter's Quarterly. Jacquie is a member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.

workshop information Machine Quilting; Tuesday March 10th.

April 13, 2015-Speaker

Mary Lou Weidman – Art quilts -
Creativity and You

You won't want to miss Mary Lou's bright and cheery story quilts. Mary Lou Weidman began quilting with her Maternal Grandmother. Mary Lou's Father was an artist and musician and encouraged creativity and viewing the world in a curious, positive manner. Color, texture, shapes and composition were discussed at an early age and any drawing, coloring, painting or craft of the day was encouraged.  


ml weidman quilt

Mary Lou studied Fine Arts in school and did layout work for the city newspaper, store windows, and other venues. She returned to quilting while her son was in the hospital.  Around 1988, she started teaching story quilts which she had discovered by accident.
Now she is at a new place in her art life; painting on fabric, piecing and appliquéing. She is stretching by not doing the same things over and over. Mary Lou has written five quilting books for Martingale and C&T, plus she has written many booklets. She owns a pattern company, represents Bernina, and has designed fabric for 14 years, 10 of that for Benartex. Mary Lou has taught all across the US,  Canada and in 8 countries.

"You really don't see with your eyes until your eyes start to see like an artist and this is so true in textile art as well as painting, drawing or sculpture."--Mary Lou Weidman

workshop information Flower Power: Sunday, April 12th

May 11, 2015-Speaker

Orion Burns – Tribute to Mom; - Traditional –

A Mother’s Day Special!
May 11th is a special night you won’t want to miss!  Orion Burns will be paying tribute to his mother, Eleanor Burns, of Quilt In A Day. Enjoy this delightful tribute to Orion's Mother Eleanor Burns and learn more about the history of and business at Quilt in a Day.
Orion will have a fun and entertaining program, featuring quilts, pictures, video, outtakes, and stories.  Don’t miss the fun!!  Eleanor plans to be in the audience – what mother wouldn not want to have her son honor her in grand fashion!


Orion and Eleanor Burns

Shopping: there will be kits, books, notions and fabric for the members to browse through and shop before the meeting and at the break.

workshop information - Modern Migration of Flying Geese; Tuesday, May 12th

June 8, 2015-Speaker

Michele Braithwaite- Scrappy Exchange Quilts

Michele was the featured Quilter at the 2011 FGQG Quilt Show
Come see Michele's beautiful and traditional quilt collection and learn how she makes her those perfect patchwork squares.

Michele was born and raised in Canada where quilts are a necessity during long winter nights. She first learned to quilt in 1996, guided by her gifted friend Ginny. In 2002, she was afforded the luxury of an early retirement and moved to Southern California where quilting quickly became a full-time passion. In 2004, Michele began to share her passion of quilting with students at Cozy Cottage Fabrics, Flying Geese Fabrics, Calico House and The Quilter’s Garden. In addition, Michele will be joining the teaching team at Primitive Gatherings this Spring. 

Michele Braithwaite


workshop information -Hunter Star; Sunday, June 7th

July 13, 2015-Speaker

Sue Garman - Traditional/Applique –
Creativity and the Design Process.

Be prepared to be dazzled in July with the amazing quilts made by Sue Garman.  She is a quilt designer who loves all aspects of quilting. Applique is is her first love, but is also very fond of complex, intricately pieced quilts. You can see many of Sue's designs on her website and on her blog.

Sue shares a retrospective view of how her quilt designs have developed across time.  With photos, stories, and quilts, she will inspire, educate, and humor you.  Along the way, you'll learn a lot about how you can incorporate some of her experiences and knowledge into your own quiltmaking.  You will go home ready to dive into your sewing area with fresh new ideas and energy!

Sue Garman

Workshop Information - Feathered Star Sunday, July 12th and Potted Tulip, Tuesday July 14th

August 10, 2015 -Speaker

Rob Appell –Textile artist – Art quilts –

Rob Appell blends his love for the ocean with his work as a textile artist and designer. A few years back, Rob landed a job in his Mother's Quilt Shop "The Cotton Ball" in Morro Bay, California. It was at The Cotton Ball where Rob found a fondness for Hawaiian shirt making. Shirt scraps make beautiful quilts, and so does Rob. He learned to quilt by trial and error, and definitely brings a masculine touch to this age old tradition. Rob's quilts are 100% machine made and focus on applique work.

Rob Appell
sea scape

Workshop Information - Sunday August 9, 2015

September 14, 2015-Speaker

Jean Impey - Textile Artist

In September you will enjoy a program titled "Finding Your Passion and Running With It" that includes a large trunk show of Jean's whimsical quilts.

Art has been an integral part of Jean Impey's life since she was a child.  Her mother encouraged exploration in oil painting and garment sewing from the age of 9. From there her life-long creative journey took off including photography, ceramics, embroidery, gardening to name a few.

In 2007, she found a true passion for the textile arts which allows her to combine a love for sewing and painting. Textile art offers Jean freedom to employ working with fibers, cottons, silks, linens,  and wools as well as painting techniques. She uses both machines and hand work to join and assemble a project. Jean consider herself an artist, quilter and “sewist”; a new word for an old craft.  

She is going to be the Artist in Residence at Empty Spools 2015, Session I in Asilomar, California and Quilting in the Desert 2016.

Jean Impey

 Workshop information - Sunday, Sept. 13th

October 12, 2015-Speakers

Laurie Simpson – Trunk Show

Laurie Simpson has delighted others with her quilts for over 30 years. Her work graces galleries and private collections. A patchwork quilt in a magazine inspired Laurie to make her first quilt at the age of 14. Drawn to traditional themes and techniques, she piece, appliques, and quilts by hand. "I quilt in the car and at hockey games. Handwork is calming and meditative. It is the way I was meant to work. Laurie is the coauthor of "Folk Art Friends; Hooked Rugs and Coordinating Quilts" and "Everyday Folk Art; Hooked Rugs and Quilts to Make" with her sister Polly Minick.

laurie simpson
Laurie Simpson Quilt

"Modern Primitive Quilts: Redefining Country Style," will be published in the spring of 2007. Other publications that she has been featured in include Country Home, Coastal Living, Architectural Digest, American Patchwork & Quilting, McCall's Quilting, and the Wool Street Journal. Laurie is also a Moda Fabric designer and will be included in the new book "Designer Quilts: Great Projects from Moda's Best Fabric Artists."

Workshop Information - Sunday, October 11th

November 9, 2015-Speaker

David Taylor – Art/Applique –
Title - "The Stories Behind My Quilts."

Don't miss this funny and informative lecture. David's obsession with fabric began at an early age, salvaging tiny scraps from his mother's sewing area trash bin. This began his love and appreciation for fabric and texture.

After college, David embarked on a career in graphic design (before computers!), primarily working for newspapers. Throughout his 20-year career, he received more than 100 regional and national awards for newspaper editorial layout and advertising design. 
David's first quilt design was in 1999, collaborating on a fund-raiser project for Strings Music Festival in Steamboat with friend and fellow quilter Madeleine Vail of Clark, CO. Madeleine encouraged him to keep after it.

david taylor
david taylor quilt

Following a visit to Houston in 2002 for the International Quilt Festival, his obsession with fabric turned into an obsession for quilting as art.

In 2008, he became an ambassador for HandiQuilter and their Sweet Sixteen sit-down quilting machine. Now, more than a decade into his quilting journey, he has exhibited his work internationally and teaches at numerous venues throughout the year. 
David Taylor has been the recipient of the Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Quilting from the International Quilt Association (2006), the Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award from the American Quilters Society (Paducah, 2008), and a two-time Best of Show winner at the IQA's Spring Festival in Chicago (2007, 2008), among others.

workshop information - Tuesday November 10th

December 14, 2015- 

Holiday Party- Susan Branch

December will bring our fantastic holiday celebration.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the joys of the holidays with a performance from the Preferred Blend Barber Shop Quartet.

Santa Chimes

Don’t forget to bring a holiday quilt, tablemat, stockings, or wallhanging to share at the meeting. It will be fun to have a glimpse of the fun things we use to decorate our homes. Invite your friends to come to enjoy the Season with us!

Refreshments provided =)

no workshop in December


January 11, 2016- Nancy Rink-

Lecture: El Camino Real: Quilts Inspired by Early California History

We're starting 2016 with a great speaker. Nancy Rink is a dedicated quilter, pattern designer, and dye artist. She has been a featured artist at the Best of the Valley Quilt Show in Tulare, California and has won several awards for her quilting, at Road to California for her quilt Emerald Spring.

She has also had quilts at the 2004 Houston International Quilt Festival,Remembrance of Nanny and Desert Star were both given Honorable Mentions. Also in 2004,Dogtooth Violets earned one of the top awards in the Kaufman Quilt Quest. She has won awards at other national shows including the  Pacific International Quilt Festival, the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, and the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. And Desert Star, the first place winner in the 2002 From the Mills Contest, was on display at the American Textile History Museum.

Nancy Rink

Her husband, Oliver, encouraged her to submit her quilts for publication and to try her hand at entering contests. Her first contest submission won a prize. Then she thought she'd try her hand at the 1997 Hoffman Challenge.
To her amazement and delight, Byzantine Compass garnered a first place ribbon in the mixed technique category. Since then, Nancy’s quilts have been featured in magazines such as Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, Quiltmaker, and Quilt. Other quilts have appeared in calendars and books and on websites.

Nancy's love for fabric ranges from bright contemporary prints to soft romantic florals to rich vintage reproductions. She also enjoys piecing and appliqué, often combining the two. Naturally, this translates into a broad spectrum of quilt designs and patterns featuring a wide variety of methods. You’ll find patterns for beginners as well as experienced quilters, and many of the patterns include multiple size options.

workshop information

February 18, 2016-TBD

The February meeting will be very entertaining and informative evening.
It is also our Change over Meeting. Come see who is the quilter of the year for 2015.




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Members can attend some speaker's workshops for a small fee.

Location: Orange Quilt Bee
628 E Katella Ave in  Orange
All workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m.

2015 Prices: $35-$40

Wanda Visits Sharyn Craig's Workshop in June 2007

Wanda Visits Sharyn Craig's class

Regular Workshops


January 11, 2015-Workshop


Debbie Maddy's workshop is a beautiful simplified traditional quilt. 

Lean new ideas and that will give you the confidence to try new techniques.

Learn to make the old style 45 degree diamond quilts using only half square triangle units. The No Diamonds/No "Y" Seams classes are designed to teach the techniques to make these novice friendly patterns look like an expert pieced them.

Carpenter's Wheel

Location: Orange Quilt Bee
628 E Katella Ave in  Orange
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m.
Price: $35

March 10, 2015- Tuesday Workshop

Jacquie Gering – Modern – Machine quilting Creating with a walking foot Want to quilt your quilts on your home machine and maybe free motion quilting isn't for you? Come discover the joy and creative possibilities of quilting with your walking foot.  Straight-line quilting has a long history and is making a comeback in both modern and traditional quilts.  Learn tips and tricks for successful quilting with your walking foot along with creative quilting designs that can be accomplished on your home machine.


Location: The Duck Club
corner of Campus and Riparian in Irvine near UCI (directions)
And wear good walking shoes.
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m.
Price: $40


April 12, 2015-Workshop

Mary Lou Weidman – Art quilts - Flower Power!
Teaching people how to get OUT of the Box is a passion of Mary Lou's. She finds that many quilters follow the herd. She loves to show them how to be a stray and how to have a passion that over-rides criticism.

Mary Lou is thinking of retiring, so don't miss this chance to take one of her workshops.

" I believe that if you do your work of creativity with the intent of having fun and discovery, those that view your work will enjoy it too but that goal is only secondary to pleasing myself." -Mary Lou Weidman

These blocks are pieced blocks done Hoochy style and made into great wall hangings and quilts. Then when they are done, you have the option of adding buttons for centers and eyes and other fun things in the garden. These quilts have a “WOW” factor and are loads of fun to do and to enjoy making. See what creativity, color and exploring design can do for a great quilt!

Location: Orange Quilt Bee 628 E Katella Ave in  Orange
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m.
Price: $40

Flower Power

May 12, 2015-Workshop

Orion Burns Modern Migration

With the continued help of her son Orion, Eleanor Burns keeps bringing people into her delightful patchwork fold. Orion has been involved in the Quilt in the day business for years – and has been seen demonstrating tools and talking with customers at the Quilt in a Day store and at quilt shows.

Orion has all the good looks, energy and charm of his Mother. You won't want to miss this opportunity to take a class with him. His enthusiasm will keep you entertained all day. Orion will be teaching a workshop called Modern Migration – a new Quilt In A Day pattern by Sue Bouchard.

Orion Burns Project
  orion burns project
Orion Burns

No Time to Prep.....
Modern Migration
- Precut kits will be available at the beginning of the workshop for any participants interested.  The kits will be $85 and will include pre-cut fabrics!  The kits currently come in three color ways.  Pick your color and begin sewing!  How easy is that?  A supply list will be sent out in case you plan to use your own fabric selections. 

As an added perk for signing up for the workshop, each person will receive a free copy of the new Modern Migration book (retails for $14.95)

Location:The Duck Club
corner of Campus and Riparian in Irvine near UCI (directions)
And wear good walking shoes.
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $35

June 7, 2015-Workshop

Michele Braithwaite
Everyone says Michele is one of the best teachers in Orange County.
Join one of Orange County's most popular and talented quilt instructors teach the Hunter Star Quilt. Michele is known for her precision piecing workshops.  In this workshop you will learn new tips, tricks and techniques while constructing the Hunter Star quilt pattern.

Braithwaite Hunter Star

Location: Orange Quilt Bee 628 E Katella Ave in Orange
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: Only $TBD

July 12 & 14, 2015-Workshops

Sue Garman - Traditional/Applique  

Sunday July 12th Workshop: Pieced workshop Feathered Star
The Feathered Star block is loved by nearly everyone, but is often been considered too difficult to make.  In this workshop, learn the basics of easy foundation piecing without hassles.  Spend the day making a feathered star block that you can use as the center of a medallion quilt -- or make several stars and sash them together for a larger quilt.

Supply List - Click Here

Location: Orange Quilt Bee 628 E Katella Ave in Orange
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $40 each


star project

Tuesday July 14th Workshop: Applique Workshop – Potted Tulip – from her new pattern Simply Baltimore. If you love to applique or would love to learn applique, you won't want to miss this workshop.
In this workshop, Sue will talk about needle-turn techniques, including off-unit applique, reverse applique, stems, perfect circles, and marking.

Supply List - click here

Location:The Duck Club
corner of Campus and Riparian in Irvine near UCI (directions)

And wear good walking shoes.
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $40 each

applique project
Visit Sue's website at: COMEQUILT.COM

August 9, 2015 - Workshop

Rob Appell –– Textile artist – Art quilts – Sunday workshop

Endangered Species:
Join our featured speaker, master quilter and sewing machine technician, Rob Appell as he
guides you on a quilting adventure you will not forget.

Rob Appell designed these quilt patterns to help raise money to support our Endangered Species.
Better yet, Rob is donating $1.50 per pattern printed, to an endangered species charity.
Each quilt pattern is of a different animal in an "up close and personal" style.
The quilts are all set for the fusible applique method and the main color is the background fabric.
Each pattern contains a detailed map for piece placement, step by step instructions, as well as full-size templates that are transposed and separated into their color families.
endangered species

Everything is ready to be traced onto 18 inch fusible web.
These quilts are super simple to construct, and perfect for ages 8 to 80.
Patterns are available for each animal on his website.
Students need to pre-purchase the pattern for the animal of their choice.
Patterns can be purchased at some quilt shops or from his website.
There has never been a more simple and fun way to help support our Endangered Species.

Supply List - Click Here


The Bluffs Community Room
2414 Vista Del Oro
Newport Beach / Corona del Mar
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $40 each

September 13, 2015 -Workshop

Jean Impey -
Amazing Alphabet - drawing with markers.

Jean is passionate about teaching and enjoys working with all levels of quilters. Jean's quilts are playful and amusing.

Amazing Alphabet
Amazing B

Intimidated?…..Drawing on fabric is fun and easy in this class. Pam Holland Designs and Patterns are traced onto a marbled fabric with pigma pens and colored in.   This is an easy gift idea or embellish your quilts, become an art quilter or just make a project and insert a monogram block to make it personalized. Alphabet Pattern book purchase required $32.

pumpkin cat deer pumpkin

Also available are vintage holiday blocks.  Anyone wanting to try one of the vintage holiday blocks will purchase the pattern for only $2. Many more holiday blocks available. See Jean's website.

Five colors of Fabrico pens are all that is necessary to learn the technique.

Orange Quilt Bee is going to try to stock the pens. If not, Jean has them for sale.


Orange Quilt Bee
628 E Katella Ave in Orange
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $40

October 11, 2015 - Workshop

Laurie Simpson – (minickandsimpson) - Sunday Workshop

Big Stitch Quilting

Laurie is a Moda Fabric designer and will be included in the new book "Designer Quilts: Great Projects from Moda's Best Fabric Artists." She is fond of primitive and scrappy quilts with many interesting borders.

Enhance your quilts with this handquilting technique that uses Cotton Darning or Milliner Needles and 12 wt or perle cotton thread.

Laurie Simpson

Orange Quilt Bee
628 E Katella Ave in Orange
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $40

November 10, 2015-Workshop

David Taylor
Art/Applique – Tuesday Workshop

Summer Gardener - Pictorial Hand Applique

Learn David’’s process for creating appliqué art quilts that look like paintings using only fabric and thread. 

The focus of this class is to rethink the traditional appliqué process. David creates highly detailed images by using simple shapes and by letting the fabric create texture to give the image a "painted" effect.

This project workshop demonstrates his hand-appliqué technique. Choose to make a realistic image, or go crazy with fabrics of your choosing. Don't care to hand applique? Bring your fusible web!

The goal for this workshop is to demonstrate a different way to create appliqué patterns. Once your little summer gardener starts to come alive, you'll be hooked and you won't want to stop working on it.

David Taylor Project


Location:The Duck Club
corner of Campus and Riparian in Irvine near UCI (directions)
And wear good walking shoes.
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $40 each

January 10 and 11, 2016-Workshop

Nancy Rink- In Remembrance block, Machine Applique

Don't miss the first workshop of the new year. The workshop will be intermediate machine applique. Using a block from Nancy’s In Remembrance quilt, which is featured in her book El Camino Real: Quilts Inspired by Early California History, students will work with the Wash-Away Appliqué product, hole punches, and bias bars to prepare the patches for appliqué. Nancy will share her time-saving techniques that help you avoid drawn-out hand appliqué processes without sacrificing quality stitching. Efficiently cut and address the templates, glue-baste perfect circles and sharp points in deceptively simple techniques, then machine-stitch your motif to the background for heirloom-quality results. Bring your own fabric or purchase a kit from Nancy for $35.

Location: Orange Quilt Bee 628 E Katella Ave in Orange
Workshops are from 10 to 4 p.m. Price: $40

nancy rink project


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